You no longer have to tap an Instagram link in Twitter to see what you’ll get. Twitter has started rolling out preview cards for Instagram links in its official apps and the web. If someone shares an Insta post, you’ll see a thumbnail of the imagery you can expect when you tap that link. You may know if a photo is like-worthy without leaving your Twitter timeline.

The move puts an end to a long-running feud. Instagram’s Twitter photo integration vanished in 2012, and neither social network has had a strong incentive to use preview cards in the years since. Twitter would rather you post photos directly on its service, while Instagram clearly has motivations to keep you using its platform whenever possible. Those issues apparently aren’t much of a problem at this stage.

It’s not clear what prompted the decision. We’ve asked Instagram for comment. Either way, it’s good news if you’re a social media fan — there should be less guesswork and more attention for your posts.