Is That White Strand Bothering You? Follow These Tips For Premature Greying


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After being caged in the house due to the pandemic, you’re finally about to step out. While getting ready, you take a close look in the mirror. To your horror, a peeking strand of grey hair sends a shock down your spine. Terrible problems keep piling on, don’t they? First the suffocating lockdown and now grey hair. Well, don’t panic yet, as that worry and stress could also be triggering the white hair. Here are some reasons why premature greying is so common in youth these days and how to battle them.
Don’t Stress, Practise Yoga


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Stress can be a major reason for premature greying of hair, besides, of course, your genetics. If you’re stressing to the point where your health is getting affected, your sleep cycle is haywire and your diet goes for a toss, then all of this can cumulatively lead to greying hair too.
As a way of dealing with stress and greying hair, you must first prioritise your mental health. Seek out therapy or indulge in stress-relieving habits at home. Practise yoga or find out more about self-care from your counsellor. Being consistent is the key.Know The Ingredients In Your Hair Products

Hair Products

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If your hair products have harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens and surfactants, it could be a reason. We love using expensive products to make our hair strong and beautiful. However, in the long run, the chemicals affect the health of our hair. Do not ignore the ingredients list before buying your hair products.
You can try finding products with chemicals that are not so harsh. You can also use natural alternatives for shampoos such as powders of reetha, amla, shikakai or rice water at least twice a week to maintain the balance. You can make your own shampoo by boiling its powdered forms in water along with flaxseed.

Quit Smoking


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Smoking is not only harmful to your lungs but also to your hair. Hair follicles are damaged due to the toxins in cigarettes which cause them to become grey. Smoking might also cause oxidative stress and reduced blood flow to your hair follicles that might contribute to hair loss along with premature greying.
The only solution for you is to stop smoking. Like any other habit, it is not possible to put an end to it immediately but getting rid of it slowly will benefit your overall health. Create boundaries and practise self-control.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Not Oiling Regularly

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Oiling your hair regularly provides the deep conditioning your hair follicles need to grow smooth and strong. It is the key to keeping your hair healthy. Irregular or no oiling at all can make your scalp dry and deteriorate the circulation of blood on your head. It would not only cause greying hair but cause hair fall too.
Start by oiling your hair once every week. Now that we are working from home more often, increase the frequency at your convenience. Opt for natural oils like coconut or sesame oil. For deep conditioning, you can heat the oil and apply strand by strand and leave it for at least a few hours before you wash it off.

Ditch The Junk 

Improper Diet

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Consuming a whole lot of junk food and ignoring healthy food can majorly affect your health and hair. Your diet is the most direct and important aspect of healthy hair and overall wellbeing. Ingredients like sugar, monosodium glutamate, soda, and excess oil in junk food can be a humongous factor in the greying of your hair. Instead, move to a diet with more greens and limit your junk food consumption. Consume more fruits and juices when you crave something sugary. You are what you eat, and so is your hair.

Rucha Choudhari
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