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Thuso Mbedu offers fans 5 great self-love tips – Beauty Master Asia

Thuso Mbedu offers fans 5 great self-love tips

As human beings, we always show appreciation to everyone but ourselves, never realising that it is equally, if not more important for our physical and metal well-being.

Here to remind us that we should never stop loving ourselves is award-winning Underground Railway star, Thuso Mbedu.

She recently took to social media to post a short but “comically serious” skit about self-love and at the same time showed off her acting skills in a genre we’re not used to seeing her act in – comedy.

Directed by Izzy Cohan, the video is a funny take on things one can do to help one relax, like meditation and deep-breathing exercises.

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She also looks at journalling, before her pencil breaks and pen runs out of ink, home improvements before she falls off a ladder and breaks her leg, and lastly, finding a hobby like the Japanese art of paper folding – origami – before she gets a paper cut.

Capioned: “As we dive ankles and elbows first into (the new year), don’t forget to take care of you. Here are a few tips courtesy of @gucci and @voguemagazine directed by @izzy_cohan 😉 This was an awesomely fun day 🥰 #GucciLinkToLove”.

It’s clear Mbedu’s fans loved the video as it received close to 100 000 views and comments.

Being_nomsa commented: “Loved this. Enjoyed the use of your natural persona 😂”.

While Jarrydnurden said: “ABSOLUTE LEGEND 😍😂 comedy is your gig baby! Hahahaha”.

And South African musician and media personality Nandi Madida wrote: “This lady is POWER! Nothing better than seeing her soar 🚀”.

By Alyssia Birjalal

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