Skin Care After 40

When we are over 40 years oldour skin begins to change with respect to the passage of time. For this reason it is very important to classify what type of skin we have.

The largest groups opt for two poles: dry skin and oily skin. And to a lesser degree, we are already abandoning the group of mixed skin that is seen more in younger skin. However, the products that we are going to comment on can be used on any type of skin. Nothing else is important to choose the type of consistency of it.

At the same time it is important to identify what other problems we have in our skin. For example spots, sagging, static wrinkles and the areas where wrinkles are more pronounced, all patients are different and need different requirements. On the other hand, skin care plays a very important role in how your skin ages, so the way you treat your skin on a daily basis is essential.

The basics of skin day care:

Cleaning: When cleaning our face it is important to do it with soaps without synthetic detergents called Syndets or neutral soaps.

Moisturize: The incipient that these moisturizers must contain are Hyaluronic acid, a substance that we lose in the skin and causes us to age and sagging, as well as Vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant and helps with the prevention of spots, for those skins with these problems.

Protect: This step is the most important for the prevention of aging, skin cancer, spots and it is essential that it has a protection factor of at least 30 broad spectrum SPF.

Basic skin night care:

Remove makeup: I recommend doing the makeup removal of the day, with micellar water, which has micro capsules that encapsulate dirt particles from makeup and pollution.

Clean: Here in this step I repeat the use of noble soaps such as Syndets or neutral soap.

Hydrate: Hydration at night has to be more intensive and for this reason I recommend using SERUMS, which are formulations of specific action with concentrated active ingredients, look for them with Resveratrol, Rosehip, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid.

Mistakes NOT to make when caring for your skin:

  • Not putting sunscreen on the neck or hands, remember that those areas also age and betray our age of being forgotten.
  • Not putting in the right amount, it must be abundant.
  • Not including neck, décolleté and hand areas in your skincare routine.
  • Not thoroughly cleaning the impurities of the day, repeat until the skin comes out of the towel clean.
  • Not being consistent with your daily morning and evening routine.
  • Not cleaning your cell phone screen or changing pillowcases twice a week.
  • Not cleaning your makeup brushes, which should be once every 15 to 22 days.

I hope you can follow these tips and they are helpful for healthier and more beautiful skin.


According to The Costa Rica News

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