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Eyelash extensions, how to keep the eyes attractive? – Beauty Master Asia

Eyelash extensions, how to keep the eyes attractive?

SKĐS – When eyelash extensions, what should be noted to avoid the risk of allergies, inflammation as well as maintain the attractiveness and sharpness of the “window of the soul”?

Many women with sparse, short eyelashes did not hesitate to choose the service of eyelash extensions  to make their eyes more glitter and attractive. However, in fact, in many cases after eyelash extensions, long, thick and curved eyelashes are not beautiful, but they bring about instability. Eye miles, discomfort, itching, swelling, … are common symptoms women see after eyelash extensions, even more severe conditions can affect eye health.

According to experts, the upper eyelid skin is the thinnest part of the body, the face itself is also very susceptible to swelling when injured, infected or allergic. Beauty by gluing or eyelash extensions, using glue to glue false eyelashes or transplanting to the eyelash roots, so it is easy to get contact dermatitis or allergies.

Sometimes, the implantation of false eyelashes on the eyelid margin also damages the eyelash gland holes, causing bacterial superinfection, causing blepharitis, persistent blepharitis…

Nối mi làm đẹp đôi mắt, lưu ý gì kẻo rước họa? - Ảnh 1.
Eyelash extensions are a job that requires meticulousness and ingenuity
The best remedy in these situations is to remove the implanted eyelashes and see an ophthalmologist to detect and treat the risks of conjunctivitis, blepharitis, atopic blepharitis…

Beauty experts note people who need eyelash extensions:

Choose a reputable beauty facility:

Currently, beauty eyelash extensions have become popular, so many places without expertise still accept customers to perform. That is the potential danger zone that you need to be on the lookout for.

Should choose a reputable beauty facility, staff are professionally trained in eyelash extensions. Find out about previous customers to know the quality of eyelashes, glue as well as aesthetics to avoid using poor quality products, both losing money and bringing more illness and discomfort.

Be careful with sensitive skin:

For those with sensitive eyes, the use of eyelash glue can also cause some skin irritation, so you should research carefully before use.

Eyelash extensions need to choose the right format for your eyes

Each face and eyes match the eyelash shape. This not only helps sharpen the eyes, but also shows the person’s nuances.

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Round eyes: You should choose silk, long, thick and curved eyelashes.

Rhombic, cone-shaped eyes: You can choose from a variety of eyelash extensions. However, the type of silk eyelashes, curved eyelashes will make the eyes look bigger and more flattering.

Big round eyes: Choose eyelashes with evenly long strands.

Eyelids: Do not choose too thick eyelashes. You should define it with an eyelid patch, accompanied by a pair of eyelashes with long and short strands interwoven to create accents.

Care after eyelash extensions

After applying eyelash extensions, avoid washing your eyes for 24 hours. Only use cotton swabs soaked in water to wipe around the eyes to maintain durability. After washing your face, use a mascara brush to brush your eyelashes to help them stay in line, not tangled together.

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands: Rubbing your eyes can cause the eyelashes to move out of place, and the glue will come off and affect the eyes.

Do not remove false eyelashes by yourself: Improper self-removal of eyelashes can affect the eyes as well as the possibility of losing real eyelashes. You should go to a beauty salon to be safe.

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Thick, black lashes make the eyes after eyelash extensions look deeper

Re-stretch lashes to ensure aesthetics: Once you have eyelash extensions, you have to reconnect many times, especially when eyelashes fall out to maintain the beauty of your eyes. Repeating lashes helps to avoid dark spots, thick spots, thin spots… This means you also spend more time and money to maintain false eyelashes.

Source: Life Health.