10 nail trends you need to try before the end of 2021

Gloomy days don’t have to drain fun out of the holiday season. Lifting your spirits up can be as easy as zapping new nails every chance you get. Fall’s shadows lingering into the winter nights bring us an array of trends for your tips. From snowy metallics, coffee enamels to deeper hues of green and more, are just a few of the themes to try out. Here’s your mood board for the upcoming cocoa season.

Metallics but make it winter

Bring the drama with your disco nails before you step out for the part of the season. Be it silver or golden, it ain’t just suited to jewellery. You can also experiment with foil metallics, or simply a french shiny tip. 

Sparkle season 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimal or a sparkle kinda person this style hops on both of them simultaneously. What’s not to love? 

All of the French manis

What’s better than one classic French manicure you ask? All of them! Yes, this is a thing and it’s ideal for the indecisive ones. Go tonal or bright, the enamel is your oyster. 

Dark green of dreams

A hue of green so dark that it appears almost a dark grey on a dramatically gloomy day. This hunter green is the most popular trend of the season. 

Meet the matte

Marble nails that make a statement? Yes please. These matte finished tips are a thing of beauty as they remind us of a snowy path along the woods. 

Espresso enamel

Is it a cup of joe or a nail espresso inspired illusion? No one will ever know. But, we love a manicure that screams cosy so we’re here for it. 

Abstract it

Our love affair with summer doesn’t have to end just yet and these bright abstract nails are proof! The more colour, the better. 

Nude mood

On the flip side, if you’re overwhelmed with the flashy sets and can’t catch a break, this is your sign to go all sheer. 

Mismatch for all the vibes

A rainbow doesn’t just belong in the sky. Cop your’s today with this extra inspiration for your next appointment. 

Floral fingertips

Floral’s for spring may not be original but they unequivocally are for shiver season. Pick this minimal white petal with yellow bud centre for a warm fuzzy feeling like that of a winter sun. 

According to Vogue India

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