Vogue Williams will front a show about people’s choices to have cosmetic surgery

Participants will get a glimpse at the ‘after’ before a panel helps them decide…


Vogue Williams will be the face of a new show exploring what goes into the decision to have plastic surgery.

Send Nudes will take a deep dive into image insecurities and question whether we really need to permanently change our bodies to feel better about ourselves. Participants will ‘try’ on a cosmetic procedure before choosing whether or not to go ahead.

It promises to be “warm-hearted” and “transformational”. But, basically, it means members of the public will send in their ‘nudes’ which will then be edited using virtual reality software to show what they could look like after undergoing certain cosmetic procedures, while also – of course – sharing their backstory and reasons for wanting surgery.

It’ll give them the unique opportunity to see a life-like, 3D animation of what they’d look like post-surgery. Then, host Vogue, 36, will join a panel of 50 random members of the public in delivering feedback to help them make the potentially life-changing decision.

Though it all sounds mildly terrifying, the show is aimed at trying to break down the stigma of talking about plastic surgery – especially since many of the procedures will be irreversible – by shining a light on people’s personal and, often very emotional, reasons for considering it. After all, everyone’s reasons are different.

We imagine the show to be a cross between Channel 4’s Naked Attraction and Botched on E!.


“This will be a super positive show celebrating all body shapes and sizes,” said mum-of-two Vogue. “Our panel of experts is on hand to give the most considered advice to try and help contestants only make choices that are informed and are their own final decisions.”

Each of the 10 episodes, due to air on E4 in 2022, will zone in on one individual, their backstory and the various procedures they are considering.

Previously, Channel 4 cancelled plans to air an extreme makeover surgery show called The Surjury where a person’s decision to have a procedure would be decided by a panel of 12 other members of the public. Back in 2019, the channel went before the Commons Culture Select Committee, where it was argued that the format would make “voyeuristic and titillating” viewing.

In response, Channel 4’s chief executive, Alex Mahon, said the show would highlight “an important issue in society today,” adding at the time: “There are huge volumes of cosmetic surgery in society and there have been shows dealing with cosmetic surgery for decades, such as Extreme Makeover.

“The question is can we create a useful discussion about what that means in society and whether the current rates of cosmetic surgery are acceptable.”

Irish presenter Vogue has said she’s ‘excited’ to front Send Nudes, having previously worked on the BBC docuseries Plastic Surgery Undressed with journalist Mobeen Azhar.

In a similar style, the six-parter forced potential candidates to weigh up the risk and rewards of procedures such as nose jobs, tummy tucks and boob jobs by speaking to experts and even watching live surgery.

Since then, despite previously saying that she always saw herself opting for plastic surgery “one day,” Vogue has admitted that taking part in the show managed to change her mind. She told Hello! magazine: “Just watching how it happens I wasn’t sure if I could ever actually go through with it.”

She added: “To go and do that to myself when there isn’t strictly speaking a medical reason, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


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