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“Tip and mix” is the latest nail trend we need to get behind – Beauty Master Asia

“Tip and mix” is the latest nail trend we need to get behind

Just stunning.

If there’s one nail trend taking over our social media feeds, it’s this one. Tip and mix nails are the go to this season, and they’re so easy to do.

Simply just a French tip with a mix and matched twist, these nails allow you to blend different nail trends into one and make it unique for you.

The idea is that you choose whatever colour you want, but apply it differently to each nail. This way, you’ll have some nails that only have the tips done while others will have a full coat.

Imran Shelton, a Nail Expert at Max Factor, has taken to Instagram to show off just how much she loves this trend, and with her expertise in nail art, we’re getting behind her on this one.

In one post, she’s gone for a sage green colour, with a full coat on her little finger and index finger and then opting for the tips done on the rest.

She’s also done the same thing but in a royal blue colour, which is a beautiful colour to go for this time of year.

Other nail artists have made this trend their own, with one going for a full coat on one hand and only the tips done on the other hand.

Another has gone for a similar trend to Imran, but instead of doing the tips, she has only painted the sides as if they were the tips and they are simply stunning.

While Imran has also done another design with this trend, doing the tips and doing only a full coat on the ring finger, but cutting out a heart in the centre.

Whatever one you go for, it’s guaranteed to make your nails stand out, in such a simple way


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