Three editors share their top tips for glowing skin

Our holy grail of skincare tips

Whether life is getting in the way of good quality sleep, diet or keeping up with your 10-step skincare routine, or the cold weather is approaching and you’re eager to keep dryness at bay, maintaining glowing skin through autumn and winter is not always an easy feat. Luckily, our BAZAAR editors have a wealth of wisdom that they’ve garnered over their careers that they’re willing to share. From green supplements and facial rollers to their favourite Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk products, here are their tried-and-tested tips for glowing skin all year round.

I take a topical approach to getting glowing skin using products and tools.


No matter how many green juices I sink, broken sleep and stress can dull my complexion. So I also take a topical approach to getting glowing skin using products and tools. Really massaging in my moisturiser, using a facial roller or gua sha, increases blood flow and in turn luminosity. I then layer on the Armani Luminous Silk Primer, which filters tiredness, with the brand’s iconic Luminous Silk Foundation. The fluid formulation bestows the perfect greaseless glow and leaves skin looking like skin, albeit a much brighter version of it.

If I really want a head-to-toe glow for a special event I’ll invest in a spray tan. James Harknett is the king of this transformative beauty treatment; a quick visit to him at the W Hotel’s Away Spa leaves me looking like I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast rather than Piccadilly Circus.

– Bridget March, Digital Beauty Director

I try not to overwhelm my skin with too many products.

Amy De Klerk, Digital Fashion Editor

Life can be super tough on my skin, especially during the winter, so in order to achieve a healthy-looking, glowy complexion, it all starts with really trying to make sure I am getting as much goodness into me as possible. I start every day with a greens supplement, always make sure I am drinking plenty of water – and I try not to overwhelm my skin with too many products.

I have stripped my skincare routine right back to the essentials I truly need – a gentle cleanser, a pore-minimising toner, a super-hydrating moisturiser and an SPF – while I also embrace a really natural look with my make-up. I never want to feel overdone so I simply use Armani’s Luminous Silk Highlighter and Powder for a holiday glow (without the actual holiday) – and I’m ready to take on the day.

– Amy De Klerk, Digital Fashion Editor

I’m a firm believer that glowing skin begins with the basics.

Sarah Karmali, Digital Editor


I’m a firm believer that glowing skin begins with the basics – yes, nutritious food, as much sleep as possible and plenty of water, but also a good cleanser. I’ve got sensitive, eczema-prone skin which flares up when I’m stressed or overtired, so I swear by CeraVe’s gentle Hydrating Cleanser, which helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier and lock in moisture. I apply it daily with a Foreo Luna vibrating silicone cleansing tool, which encourages the ingredients to really penetrate my skin. The pulsations also help to wake up my face, leaving me ready to face any early-morning Zoom meetings.

I then apply a hydrating serum (my favourite is Barbara Sturm’s hyaluronic serum) and occasionally add a couple of drops of Tan-Luxe’s illuminating self-tan drops to my moisturiser if I need a little glow boost – particularly in the winter months. I rarely wear foundation; instead I apply Armani’s Luminous Silk Concealer to the areas that need a little extra help. The multi-purpose formula also acts as a highlighter as well as providing coverage, meaning I instantly look a lot less tired.

– Sarah Karmali, Digital Editor


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