Outfits, makeups and attitude are important on the red carpet, but none of it can look perfect without matching a sparkling hairstyle.

The Met Gala, once again, catches everyone’s attention this year and made a triumphant return, partly thanks to sparky beauty trends. The celebrities’ hairstyles  seduced as much as they questioned as the guests incorporated original elegant hairdressing to their garments.

Billie Eilish

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The platinum garment associated to the blonde haircut of the singer looked like a modern Marilyn Monroe. Her wavy glint hairstyle looked inspired by the 50s.


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The hair jewerly is definitely the piece de resistance of the singer’s look. The golden crown and natural hair color matched perfectly with her white dress and gives a mystical overall look.

Megan Fox

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The dark and sharp bangs associated to the vivid red dress is reinforcing her blue eyes and strong gaze.

Alicia Keys

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The fully bright and glittering hair is the sleekest element which crowns her look. Delicately placed on her hairline, it lights up her soft skin.

Lupita Nyong’o

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The asymmetrical and architectural afro hairdressing of the actress is highlighting her navy blue, full denim look.

Kaia Gerber

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The noisette hair color of the model assorted with her bright brown eyes and wavy 70s hairstyle is imposing elegance.

Whitney Peak

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Her natural bulk hair gives all the charm of the look and the fluffy volume is influencing the aesthetic of her reflective dress.

Gemma Chan

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The sculpted circled braids with the fresh bangs give a juvenile look to the actress.


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The most radiant and over-the-top hair accessory of the supermodel was inspired by romanticism ballrooms in American golden age.

Hailey Bieber

 Hailey BieberHailey Bieber

Her classic natural blonde hairstyle gives a modern and contemporary style to her chic look.

These hairstyles have embellished their beauty looks and could inspire you for one of your glamorous parties.