The advantage of bio-cosmetic

Biological cosmetics with natural extracts, applying modern technology, are skin-friendly, promoted by many cosmetic brands.

Whether loudly or quietly, the “big guys” in the beauty market are still working hard to come up with cosmetic lines that meet personalization, effectiveness as well as minimize irritation and allergies. on the skin. In particular, biological cosmetics is one of the cosmetics that many companies choose to invest in.

Biotechnology and bio-cosmetic industry

The bio-cosmetic industry has appeared quite a long time ago and in recent years has attracted a lot of attention. Bio-cosmetic spread from Europe to Asia in the cosmetic consumer market when the research on technology and ingredients had a positive effect.

Biological cosmetics are often ingredients extracted from nature, some products are about 95-100% organic according to non-GMO (genetically modified) standards. Combined with the power of biotechnology, the bio-cosmetic industry makes its mark. Most recently, biotechnology has made many contributions in the production of vaccines in the context of Covid-19.

Applying biotechnology to the production of cosmetics helps the ingredients in cosmetics not only act on the surface or epidermis but also reach the target skin area to be treated. Biotechnology contributes to a number of premium bio-cosmetic brands that have a positive effect on the skin.

High-end biological cosmetics Dr.Belter

Coming from a country with a developed biotechnology industry, Dr.Belter – a German brand is the relentless research enthusiasm of Doctor of Biochemistry in Biotechnology – Clemens Belter.

The process of formation and development with the core concept in research and production “Beauty created by the interference of nature and technology”, Dr.Belter has made its mark in more than 50 countries worldwide. bridge.

According to a representative from Dr.Belter, the brand’s products are aimed at criterion 5, including no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no mineral oils, no parabens, no artificial colors and fragrances. Because these are ingredients that have the potential to cause irritation or side effects to the skin. The brand’s 4 commitments include advanced biotechnology, optimal therapeutic effects, organic ingredients, and high-active cosmetic ingredients.

As a professional premium bio-cosmetic brand, Dr.Belter offers two skin care systems in parallel, including a home care product system to provide a personalized skin care routine. Dr.Belter also offers a system of professional products for spas, beauty salons… with large sizes and powerful therapeutic products for the skin and suitable for each individual need.

Dr.Belter applies 3 technologies and 5 components into production including:

DLS technology: used in most of Dr.Belter’s products to help stabilize the structure, allowing the product to easily penetrate quickly into the skin without the use of emulsifiers. This technology also supports strengthening, contributing to strengthening the skin’s ability to protect itself.

Liposome: technology with a multi-layer system, encapsulating ingredients that need stability, support against oxidation when entering the skin, as well as targeting specific therapeutic goals.

Liposome technology leads to nano-substances to affect skin cells. Photo: Van Minh.
Liposome technology leads to nano-substances to affect skin cells. Photo: Van Minh.

Stem cell technology: supports to stimulate recovery, contributes to regeneration and increases the life of cell tissue to protect skin against light aging.

Ingredients Melano: an herbal complex with whitening activity.

Ingredients Belisome aqua: contributes to increase moisture, stimulates water distribution throughout tissues through stable water channels in cells, keeps skin smooth.

Belisome AP ingredient: aids in skin detoxification by removing oxidized proteins produced by metabolism.

Ingredients Belisome EGF: growth ingredient, stimulates cell growth, strengthens, reduces pigment spots for a more beautiful skin.

Ingredients Argireline and Myoxinol: have the ability to support wrinkles.