Stroke prevention – health tips: Signs of stroke and action to prevent am

Man wey hold chest

Your kind lifestyle and habit fit impact your risk of stroke.

While healthy habits fit reduce am significantly, unhealthy ones fit make you more at risk.

As di world mark world stroke day, di World Health Organisation plus different health join bodi dey educate pipo on wetin stroke be.

And dem want you to sabi how you fit take prevent stroke and wen you suppose call ambulance for stroke emergency.

WHO say stroke be di second leading cause of death and di third leading cause of disability.

One in four pipo dey risk of stroke for dia lifetime.

Statistics show say more dan 13.7 million pipo fit get dia first stroke dis year and 5.5 million dey get stroke every year.

Stroke get hand for lost disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) and e be serious barrier to sustainable social and economic growth.

How stroke dey happen?

Stroke dey happen wen blood supply to one certain part of di brain dey interrupted or reduced.

E no go allow brain tissue to get vital nutrients and oxygen and e cause di cells to die.

E dey important to act fast wen somebody dey get stroke sake of every second dey count.

Learn di signs and action to take if you don get stroke

Sake of you go fit remember dis warning, health join bodi put dis signs as acronym and dem name am FAST:

  • Facial drooping- dis one na di nerve for di face don spoil and prevent di facial muscles to work wella.
  • Arm weakness – Dis na wen strength reduce for one or more muscles. we fit also call am loss of muscle strength.
  • Speech difficulty- Dis na wen you dey get problem to do tok tok.
  • Timely emergency service – Dis be say you gas identify stroke and access emergency medical care sharply.

Stroke care services still dey come up and WHO say dem dey committed to support kontries to prevent, treat and manage stroke.

And to increase access to rehabilitative care.

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