Note when transplanting your own hair

People who want to transplant their own hair need to stop using tobacco, alcohol, beer and stimulants for 24 hours before treatment, wash their hair as directed by the doctor.

A representative of New Hair Autologous Hair Transplant Center said that autologous hair transplant is a popular method today. Many people choose this method because it brings long-term results, does not take time to perform many times. However, when using beauty methods, each person needs to learn knowledge and do what needs to be done before and after transplanting their own hair.

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Some things you need to keep in mind for a safe and successful hair transplant:

– Please stop using tobacco, alcohol, beer and stimulants for 24 hours before treatment.

– Go directly to the treatment place for the doctor to guide, list some drugs and ingredients you should stop using 10 days before implementation. For example, if you are using Minoxidil, stop 5 days before, it is best to go directly to your doctor for advice.

– Clean the scalp, clean the hair before the day of surgery because after you are done, you will be limited about washing your hair.

– The day before the procedure, you should get enough sleep, get enough sleep for 6-8 hours for your health and spirit to be most comfortable, have a light breakfast before the surgery (but if you haven’t been tested, don’t eat breakfast). on that day).

– It is necessary to dye the hair dark color at the request of the doctor, because the color hair affects the hair follicle detachment a lot.

– Do not drive alone when having your own hair transplant because doing so can endanger your health, affect the transplanted hair, and cause unsafety for yourself.

Note after autologous hair transplant

Immediately after transplanting your own hair, you will be instructed on how to take care of your hair at home:

– Use salt water, spray on the transplant area every 30 minutes, except at bedtime, a simple way to spray, just leave 15-20cm away, spray in the form of a mist over the entire hair surface, this will ensure Make sure the amount of water sprayed on the hair is neither too little nor too much.


Autologous hair transplant helps to overcome baldness.

– Use antibiotics starting from the evening of the day of hair transplant, maintained for 4 consecutive days.

– To ensure safety, customers use a pad to cover the surface of the pillow when lying down to avoid direct contact with the pillow.

– After transplanting, the client is instructed to use a headscarf to protect the transplanted area, so when you go out, you should use a towel to avoid exposure to dirt, sunlight…

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– Do not wash your hair by yourself, only wash your hair when the doctor allows, the first time is right after the transplant one day, the doctor will directly do it for you. On the 3rd or 4th day, you will continue to come back for a second hair wash and instructions on how to wash your hair so you can wash it yourself at home.

– Some shampoos you should not use, so consult your doctor about whether the shampoo you are using is suitable or not, it is best to still prioritize the type of oil the doctor recommends.

– Do not exert a strong impact on the implanted area, do not sweat a lot, avoid vigorous exercise such as exercise, sports, gym…

– Things you should stay away from for at least a month after transplant: do not use stimulants, alcohol, beer, tobacco; do not use hair sprays such as gels, glues or dyes; The comb should not be used directly on the transplanted area within the first 1-2 months.

In fact, many people after having their own hair transplant will feel bewildered because after only 3-4 months, the transplanted hair will suddenly fall out a lot. However, this is a normal phenomenon, the transplanted hair will begin to grow normally after the shedding cycle, the new hair will be healthy, better than the previous transplanted hair.

Source: VNExpress.