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Should You Add Lash Extensions to Your Self-Care Routine? One Writer’s Review of The Lash Lounge – Beauty Master Asia

Should You Add Lash Extensions to Your Self-Care Routine? One Writer’s Review of The Lash Lounge


Iknow many people who have spent a lot of money trying to increase the length of their eyelashes—whether it be through serums, mascaras, or fake eyelashes. While I have spent tons of money trying to avoid the raccoon look with different mascara brands, I have limited experience with fake eyelashes, only wearing them to a few weddings. So when The Lash Lounge invited me to try eyelash extensions, I was immediately intrigued.

Eyelash extensions offer a remedy to both the people looking to get longer fuller lashes, as well as for those who no longer want to deal with using mascara—providing a customized look to complement your face. The thing that surprised me most about getting lash extensions was the customization throughout the entire process to ensure your lashes suited you, your needs, and your lifestyle. Here’s everything you need to know about lash extensions and my review of The Lash Lounge.

What are Lash Extensions?

Simply put, lash extensions are attached directly to lashes—and they are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes. The CIO and founder of The Lash Lounge, Anna Phillips explains that people can choose from two options for their lash “type”: synthetic silk or synthetic mink. Silk lashes are a little thicker throughout and taper about 1/3 from the tip of the lash. They have a semi-matte satin finish—almost like a bold sweep of mascara. Mink, on the other hand, are lighter and thinner throughout and taper about 2/3 down from the tip of the lash. These are known to have a semi-gloss finish to create a soft, feathery look.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Be prepared: Even with perfect aftercare, everyone’s growth cycle is different, therefore it’s really difficult to say how long your lashes will stay on. If you wake up and you see eyelashes on your pillowcase, look at them—if you see your natural lash as well as the lash extension, chances are that lash just fell out as part of the normal hair shedding process.

How Much Are Lash Extensions?

The cost of your first set of lash extensions is going to depend on the look you are seeking to achieve. The cost varies between a synthetic set and a mink set, as well as the desired volume, an initial set can cost anywhere between $200-$350. Not sure which set you want? Your stylist can help advise you on the best set for you.

Getting Lash Extensions at The Lash Lounge

For my appointment, I was encouraged to come with a clean face—however, they will clean around the eye area regardless. They also encourage you to remove any eye contacts before your appointment and start with a 15-minute consultation.

The application process

I met Meloiza, my stylist, who discussed with me my options for lashes. I learned I have a good lash length, and we planned to match but adding a greater curl which would give my eyes a better lift. She explained that they had silk or mink lashes, with the mink having more tapered edges with a higher sheen, and silk offering a bold semi-matte look. We decided to go with mink lashes with a volume set to best open my eyes.

While your lash extensions are being applied, you need to lay with your eyes closed for the entire time. For me, the process was about 2 and 1/2 hours. I found the process comforting and relaxing, and while you can expect a longer visit for the first appointment, the appointments after that to fill the eyelashes typically only take an hour.

The glue can take eight hours to fully set, so during that time after your appointment, you need to avoid water and sweat getting to your lash line, which means no pools, gyms, and showers during that time.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

All I felt was some soft touches and the brushing. Nothing felt painful!

Do eyelash extensions work?

Eyelash extensions are a game-changer for me, as they absolutely help open my eyes, and make me feel more confident even with no makeup on. You can see a difference in my lashes in the before and after picture below, keep in mind this is with no mascara on.

Before shot:

After the application:

How to take care of eyelash extensions

When getting eyelash extensions, I learned that you are making an investment and you need to treat it as such. If you want them to look their best, you need to practice eyelash care, which means regularly cleaning them, brushing them, and using safe products. Lash Lounge does sell a foaming cleanser and a fluffy brush to keep your lashes at their best, you can use other cleansers so long as they are oil-free.

Regular maintenance will allow you to protect the adhesive and the lashes, allowing them to last longer. The focus should be on hydrating your lashes and avoid any harsh rubbing, which can cause them to fall off.

Most eyelashes extensions will not require the use of mascara but if you feel mascara best completes your look, use a mascara that is gentle and safe for fake eyelashes, and avoid waterproof formulas that can be difficult to remove. The Lash Lounge also sells the Lash Armor set, which is a protectant that can be put on the lashes similar to mascara. Prices start around $30 for their aftercare products.

Can eyelash extensions be removed?

Yes! If you decide eyelash extensions aren’t for you, they can be removed. If you chose to let your eyelash extensions grow out, the Lash Lounge encourages you to be patient with the process. With time, the adhesive will loosen, and you can use a natural oil to help reduce the bond as well. Ripping off the lashes will cause damage to your natural lashes so be gentle.

Do you need any eye makeup after eyelash extensions?

For me, I did not need mascara or eyeliner after my lashes application. My battle with raccoon eyes is over!

Can You Wear Mascara With Lash Extensions?

Yes, but it’s best to use a gentle mascara that is not waterproof, as you want something that will be easy to remove so you aren’t aggressively rubbing your eyelashes.

What is the eyelash extension fill process?

At the Lash Lounge, they recommend a fill every two weeks, but this can change based on how quickly your natural lashes grow out. The goal of a fill is to replace the lashes you have lost since your last appointment to keep your desired look, if you wait too long in between appointments you may need to get a whole new set. A lash fill is a lot quicker than your initial appointment, only lasting about an hour.

What is the cost of an eyelash extension fill?

The cost will vary based on the place and the set you decide, but prices range from $54.50 for a classic set refill up to $99.50 for the mega volume set refill.

What is the eyelash extension fill process?

The process for the last extension fills is identical to getting the full set put on, the only difference is the fill appointments are much shorter.

Final takeaway:

As a working mom, I don’t need another thing to add to my busy schedule, and frankly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the required maintenance needed to keep my lashes looking their best. I will say after a week, I was hooked. I decided the two-week appointments were going to be worth it, so I’m sold.


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