Far infrared rays support the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases

SKĐS – Application of new technology in disease care and treatment is the trend of modern medicine. Using far infrared rays in the treatment of diseases is also not out of this trend, which has brought high treatment efficiency to patients.

Since several decades, applying nano-semiconductor technology to bio-ceramics and precious metals, scientists have begun to create far-infrared rays, which have better therapeutic effects than infrared lamps. ordinary foreign. So what is far infrared and what special treatment effects?

Features of far infrared rays

Far infrared rays are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from 4 to 400 micrometers. Especially far infrared has a wavelength of 6-14 micrometers necessary for life, human development and all living things on earth.

With a long wavelength, far infrared rays are safe for health and completely harmless to the body. Japanese scientists have proven that far infrared rays can treat more than 50 diseases.

Effects of far infrared rays on the human body

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Mechanism of action of far infrared rays on the human body.

Far-infrared rays when exposed to the skin on the body will emit heat, increasing the production of nitric oxide, stimulating the production of mitochondria.

This improves blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation faster, relaxes muscles; stimulates regeneration and repair of injured tissues, promotes healing of deep tissues; help eliminate toxins from the body, enhance the body’s immune function, reduce stress; Prevents platelet aggregation in blood vessels and regulates blood pressure, helping patients feel full of energy.

Some instruments using far infrared rays such as sauna mats, abdominal massage belts, massage pillows, foot massage machines, massage chairs, far infrared heaters… have been used effectively for many years on Vietnam and the world market. When using these devices, users should note the following points:

Do not use on skin areas with inflammatory foci that have formed pus, acute inflammation, new congestive trauma… Do not touch the far infrared ray source directly. Do not look directly at the far infrared ray source to avoid damage to the eyes.

Effects of far infrared rays on the musculoskeletal system

Far infrared rays have anti-inflammatory effects, reduce more than 50% of the pain related to musculoskeletal, increase collagen production to support cartilage regeneration.

Therefore, far infrared rays have the effect of supporting the treatment of some musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis; arthritis, shoulder pain, lumbar spine pain, sciatica, tendonitis; myositis, reduce muscle spasticity, speed up wound healing…

In addition, far infrared therapy also works to reduce obesity and prevent osteoarthritis.

Source: Life Health.