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Nail Art: The Best Nail Trends to Look for in 2022

If the fashion trends of 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that people are naturally gravitating towards mood-boosting shades, bold and playful prints and generally more fun and uplifting clothes and accessories. Nails have proven to follow suit in our quest for bright fashion escapism.

Filled with plenty of flowers, hearts and bright colours, as evidenced by nail inspo Instagram accounts, this year’s nail trends could be considered quite youthful, with plenty of playful designs finding their way into salons across the globe. And as we head into 2022, things are looking to stay bright and bold in the nail department too. If you’re planning on freshening up those claws, here are some of the nail trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.

Bright colours and bold patterns

Continuing on from the bold nail trends we’ve seen this year, 2022 is bound to see people opt for a multi-coloured palette in favour of neutral tones when it comes to picking nail colours. Think lime green, baby blue, lilac, sunshine yellow, bright pink, cherry red; a vibrant mixture of pastel and bold hues. And like we’ve seen this year, 2022’s nail designs won’t be limited to just one or two colours; the mismatched nail trend will ensure a rainbow palette will continue to be used in salons next year, in conjunction with statement patterns, like this Hawaiian-style floral pattern by Peachi Nails.

French tips with a twist

One of the most popular designs seen across nail salons practically everywhere is the refreshed and recoloured French tips. Splashed with bright colours, cute nail art or a more abstract or angular shape, this trend has taken the classic French mani and given it a real 2000s inspired facelift, effectively becoming the nail trend of 2021. With more and more nail techs putting their own spin on the traditional nail style, we’re bound to see more of these quirky nails next year too.

Abstract patterns

For the past few years, abstract patterns including statement swirls and aesthetically-pleasing blobs have proven to be painted on fresh sets time and time again. While 2021 saw plenty of swirl dipped designs, 2022 is likely to bring this trend across the whole nail. We are also envisioning plenty more squiggles in summery shades like tangerine and aqua blue.

Cobalt blue

A colour we’ve seen slowly catching on is the rich and classic cobalt blue. Featured in simple designs, cobalt is a versatile and both summer and winter-appropriate hue to splash onto our nails. While the timeless colour is impactful on its own, we also envision the colour to be incorporated into the enduringly popular French mani trend or subtly paired with a complementary colour, like this barely-there trim of gold CHANEL Nail Artist, Betina Goldstein, has showcased on her Instagram account.

Nail stickers

Following on from the very bubblegum 2000s trend of smiley faces, flowers, hearts and butterflies, 2022 will likely see more playful nail stickers or sticker-like nail art. In addition to the emoji-inspired stickers, nail artists like LA-based Amy Le are signalling the return of glitter and sequins as we head into the new year. The sought after nail artist shared these simple star-sequin nails to her some quarter of a million followers recently.

Glittery embellishments

Adding to the growing popularity of shiny sequins is the use of subtle glittery embellishments and metallic nail looks. If glitter and diamantes aren’t so much you’re thing, a more minimalistic take on the trend like Hailey Bieber’s set by Thuy Ngyuen might be the way to go. Or if shimmer and shine is a regular feature of your usual acrylic refill appointment, an ombre glitter look like this one from Peachi Nails could be worthy nail inspiration.

DIY must-haves for 2022

If you’re looking to test-drive these nail trends for yourself or try something different in between nail appointments, here are some of the products you’ll need for fashion-forward nails in 2022.

What is the nail trend for 2021?

While flowers, hearts and bright colours dominated nail trends for 2021, the bold twist on the classic French mani was easily one of the most popular nail trends of the year.

What is the most popular nail shape for 2021?

In terms of acrylics, the classic almond shape is an enduringly popular choice. However, as we head into 2022 many nail art lovers are also opting to spruce up their natural nails too.

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