Easy makeup trends to welcome fall

As you bid adieu to the summer season and welcome the fall, make sure that you adopt new trends and toss the old trends with the help of this beauty guide. Here’re the top trends that you gotta try this fall.

Easy makeup trends to welcome fall

Easy makeup trends to welcome fall 

A day doesn’t go by without a new trend or clip taking over our online feeds. All thanks to social media influencers and MUAs, we get free tips and hacks on social media. And, we learn to create flawless looks by following their tips and tutorials. Earlier this year, we saw neon makeup looks and OTT makeup trends dominating the virtual space but as we enter the fall, new trends are gaining popularity. Pastel shades are making a comeback to makeup routines and bright colours are leaving the beauty space. Meanwhile, face stickers and face jewels are being used more often.

Wondering which makeup trends to follow this fall? Take a look at our beauty guide!

Makeup trends that you must try this fall

  1. Pastel colours are in again
  2. Face jewels are in hype
  3. OTT blusher trend
  4. Semi-matte base
  5. Glossy lids and lips

Pastel colours are in again

Embrace the pastel makeup trend by adding more sweet yellows, dusty pinks, dreamy blues and soft purples to your makeup routine. You can use pastel shades for your eyeshadow looks or use pastel lip colours to hop on this trend. But make sure that your makeup compliments your OOTD so use shades that are similar to your outfit.

Face jewels are in hype

Face stickers and face jewels have always been a thing of the runways and shoots but this fall, they are making their way into people’s everyday makeup routines for all the gorgeous reasons. Now, not just for special occasions, they are being used for usual looks too. So, why are you afraid of going a bit OTT with your makeup look? Grab some rhinestones, stickers, and jewels and get creative.

OTT blusher trend

The OTT Blush trend was first introduced by runway models who would top up their liquid blusher with another powder blusher to intensify the look. Instead of going for a natural look, they opted for something that’s more intense, rosy and eye-catching and that’s how the trend started. As more and more celebs are giving their approval to the trend, it’s going viral on social media.

Semi-matte base

Gone are the days when MUAs and influencers would vouch for super matte looks. These days, everyone is opting for a more natural semi-matte look to fake a natural glow. Neither too dewy nor too matte, a semi-matte makeup base is best for people who love a natural finish.

Glossy lids and lips

Glossy lids and lips are totally in, this fall! If you are opting for a semi-matte base, go for glossy lips and lids and shine like the star that you are.

Kirtika Katira

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