Dandruff, itching can be caused by dermatitis, lack of nutrients

Dandruff, itching, bacteria sometimes not only tell the condition of the scalp, but also a sign of declining health, dermatitis, lack of nutrients … need attention.

According to dermatologist To Lan Phuong, although dandruff, itching, bacteria are very common with an average prevalence of 50% in the world, even over 60% in some Asian countries, but not many countries. can be taken lightly. Because dandruff, itching, bacteria can say a lot about the general health of the body such as seborrheic disease, lack of nutrients, stress…

Have a dermatological problem?

Dr. Lan Phuong said that dandruff, itching, and bacteria on the scalp could be signs of seborrheic dermatitis. The sebaceous glands, when overworked, cause the skin to become red, inflamed, and flakey. This can also be a sign of psoriasis or eczema appearing on the scalp instead of other visible skin areas on the body. Persistent dandruff, itchiness, and bacteria may signal that you need to see a dermatologist for further advice.

Gàu, ngứa, vi khuẩn trên da đầu gây khó chịu, có thể là dầu hiệu của bệnh lý viêm da. Ảnh: Shutterstock.
Dandruff, itching, bacteria on the scalp cause discomfort, can be signs of dermatitis. Photo: Shutterstock.

Lack of nutrients

Dr. Lan Phuong added that dry skin and lack of nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B are also notable causes of dandruff, itching, and bacteria. When not enough nutrients for the body, many organs will work poorly, have problems and the scalp is no exception.

Need more days off

Unbalanced living, using many stimulants, unstable psychological health… causing stress, affecting the general resistance. The condition of the scalp can also deteriorate, creating a favorable environment for harmful agents to develop quickly.

Exposure to harmful environment

According to Dr. Lan Phuong, dandruff, itchiness, and bacteria can often be signs of an irritated scalp with inappropriate hair care products that contain toxic or irritating substances. Exposure to dust, pollution or too much UV light also makes the scalp’s protective layer unable to work as hard, creating conditions for dandruff, itching, and bacteria to appear on the scalp.

How to get rid of dandruff, itching, bacteria

“Although dandruff, itching, bacteria affect the quality of life and are related to general health, there is nothing to worry about if we know how to get rid of dandruff, itching, bacteria, and take proper care of the body. From the inside out,” said doctor To Lan Phuong.

Bác sĩ Tô Lan Phương với nhiều kinh nghiệm tư vấn chăm sóc da. Ảnh nhân vật cung cấp.
Doctor To Lan Phuong with extensive skin care consulting experience. Character photo provided.

The foundation of eliminating dandruff, itching, bacteria and protecting health is a complete diet, moderate living to increase the body’s resistance. You should add foods rich in zinc, vitamins B, C, E … to have a healthy skin, especially a healthy scalp, enough to fight dandruff, itching, bacteria.

Dr. Lan Phuong added that taking care of and protecting the scalp is also very important for the process of “flying away” dandruff, itching, bacteria in each person. Anti-dandruff shampoo is one of the solutions, however, it is necessary to choose reputable brands with formulas for treating dandruff, itching, and eliminating bacteria that are recognized by the Department of Health to ensure safety and not get infected. scalp irritation.

Moisturizing with vitamin B3, amino acids in shampoo can also help reduce dryness of the scalp, contributing to preventing dandruff flakes from flaking. On the market, anti-dandruff shampoos, such as Clear’s, have similar features. You should not arbitrarily use, abuse hair care products that make the scalp overload.

Dầu gội Clear Mát lạnh bạc hà góp phần loại bỏ và ngăn gàu, ngứa, vi khuẩn quay trở lại.
Clear Cool Peppermint Shampoo helps eliminate and prevent dandruff, itching, bacteria from returning.

You also need to adjust your habits such as wearing a hat when your hair is still wet, not cleaning towels regularly, scratching your hair vigorously when washing your hair, subjectively walking on the street without covering your hair… These may be the reasons why your dandruff, itching, bacteria are not successful.

Take timely measures to improve scalp health and choose products such as the right clean shampoo, such as Clear Cool Mint with 3X the power to help fight dandruff, itching, bacteria. You can relieve nagging anxiety and feel healthy with confidence with cleaner, dandruff-free hair.

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