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Are you a makeup beginner? 5 common mistakes to avoid this festive season – Beauty Master Asia

Are you a makeup beginner? 5 common mistakes to avoid this festive season

Are you beginning your journey in the world of makeup? If yes, here are a few common makeup mistakes you ought to stay away from.

5 makeup mistakes to avoid this festive season

It’s easy to get carried away with makeup tips, tricks and ideas, especially when you are a beginner. Owing to the wide popularity of social media trends, new makeup ideas flood the internet on a daily basis. However, it is up to your own judgement that you decide which trick works for you. It’s important to not follow trends blindly, and see what looks good on you and what works for your skin type among other things.

It’s understandable that the world of makeup is a confusing one, and what may work for someone else might not work that well for you. Therefore, if you are a beginner, and want to turn heads With your makeup this festive season, look no beyond this list of expert tips. Waqas Lasania, the founder of cosmetic brand Europe Girl, lists five mistakes that you should avoid if you don’t want to end up with makeup blunders at your hand right before you are heading out for a party.

“Almost everyone falls prey to a few everyday makeup mistakes at some point or the other, most of which can be corrected by editing a simple step,” explains Lasania.

Here are five rookie makeup mistakes most beginners make when they apply makeup, but luckily for you, the list will save you from the blunders.

  1. Ditching a primer and moisturiser
  2. Doing your lips between applying primer and foundation
  3. Going overboard with blush on your cheeks
  4. Applying a lighter foundation
  5. Highlighting eyes and lips

Ditching a primer and moisturiser

The guided order for applying makeup is to use a moisturiser, followed by primer, and then finally, foundation. Applying moisturiser before primer is required. Most makeup dries out your skin. Avoiding moisturiser is a makeup blunder that can lead to a dry, flaky final look. A primer serves to seal your pores, smoothen and prep your pre-foundation skin, reduce redness. Leaving out on a primer can result in an uneven look and make the foundation a lot less effective.

Doing your lips between applying primer and foundation

Applying primer and foundation before you move onto lipstick provides you with a clear canvas to brush your lipstick on. However, not being attentive about evading this manageable makeup mistake can result in a smudged, flaky look and a lip colour that won’t stay on for long. Therefore, lipstick should be the last makeup product you use in your routine.

Going overboard with blush on your cheeks
Going overboard with your blusher is a stern no. The correct measure of blush on the cheeks can actually flatter your makeup appearance and give you a natural, dewy look. However, too much blush or wrong tone of blush or incorrect positioning of blush can make your face seem ornate and flashy.

Applying a lighter foundation

Using the wrong colour of foundation is one of the biggest makeup mistakes you can do. It makes your face look like it doesn’t relate to the rest of your body. Especially for Indian skin tones, a lighter foundation makes a face look ashy and off-colour, leaving a grey tint on your makeup.

Highlighting eyes and lips

This makeup oversight will defeat all your attempts to get the look you desire. One of the oldest rules of makeup asserts that taking only a single feature from the two choices of eyes and lips is the key to good makeup. Hence, it’s best to avoid highlighting both simultaneously.

The impression about makeup is that a pro can perform the most complex of looks effortlessly. However, when you attempt to replicate a look, the actual truth appears. While it may seem easy, perfecting your makeup skills and a look that suits you takes practice and it’s something you will only learn with experience and time.

By Kriti Tulsiani

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