A lazy girl’s guide to nail care: Tips & tricks on how to maintain & strengthen nails according to an expert

A lazy girl’s guide to nail care: Tips & tricks on how to maintain & strengthen nails according to an expert

Every girl wants to have the perfect nails, but her busy schedule can make it impossible for her to maintain a nail care routine. Nail care does not have to be very elaborate & tiresome, with the right guidance even the busiest or the most unseeming girl can have the perfect nails in just a few easy steps, & some TLC of course. As There is a holy grail for nail care to ensure you never leave your house with dull nails that lack personality.

Use a gentle hand wash which can also substitute as a moisturiser, ensure you’re also scrubbing off dead skin without over scrubbing, this will keep your skin healthy & your hands will never dry out.

Oiling your hands can be a super fun exercise you practice while you Netflix, use almond oil which can be swapped for apricot oil or any oil of your choosing to massage your hands and cuticles.

Make sure you’re clipping & filing your nails regularly even if you’re growing them out to maintain length & keep them looking healthy and clean.

The best thing you can do to have your nails looking naturally pristine is to get your daily recommended dose of vitamins, minerals & supplements like biotin (on the advice of your physician as always).

Hydrate Hydrate hydrate! Hydration is crucial and beneficial for overall nail, skin & Hair!

Make time for a weekly manicure and pedicure to round up your nail routine.

Leave your nails bare, always make sure you use at least a transparent polish to protect your nails, make sure to  read up or watch videos on the proper way to buff your nails and ensure you don’t use harsh buffs on your cuticles.

If you’re a nail biter, you can kick the habit as well as  maintain healthy nails by using gel nail polish which will prevent you from biting your own nails.

If you’ve got nail extensions & they chip, ensure you don’t bite or clip it, visit your nearest nail technician & check if the chip can be repaired.

Nail care doesn’t have to be cumbersome or boring, you can find ways to jazz up your nail care routine however it suits you. It is a great form of self-care & a reminder that you deserve a little bit of pampering. Healthy & pretty nails are just a few easy steps away & by the end of your routine, you will be left feeling gratified and beautiful.