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4 skin care mistakes when working from home

Some women assume that working from home doesn’t require sunscreen or moisturizer, but that’s a misconception.

Poor face wash

Many women often do not deep clean their face twice a day, because they think that in a closed room, the skin is not dirty, does not sweat much. However, after waking up and after eight hours of work, the skin has many problems such as fine dust, sebum…

Besides using facial cleanser every morning and evening, dermatologist Michelle Henry (New York) recommends using a warm towel to wipe your face after every two hours of working on a computer, phone, etc. dirt on the face and 70% of the radiation on the skin. Makeup remover oil is also a good suggestion to end a working day, even without makeup at home.

Ngồi làm việc gần nơi có nhiều ánh sáng khiến da bạn dễ đen sạm. Ảnh: Pexels.

Sitting near a place with a lot of light makes your skin easy to darken. Photo:  Pexels.

Lazy moisturizing

In the hot summer, the skin is often dry and dehydrated, even when sitting in an air-conditioned room. But because it doesn’t have to be makeup, many women are lazy to follow the skin care process. Mineral spray is considered the solution to help the skin to be moisturized quickly. The ingredients in the mineral spray bottle like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin will help balance the amount of water needed for the skin. You should spray the mineral every hour to keep the skin plump.

The cream also helps to effectively provide moisture, bringing smooth skin in the hot season. Theo Elle, applying moisturizer before working at the computer helps to create a protective barrier on the skin. At home, you can fortify fruit juice or green tea for an antioxidant boost.

Do not apply sunscreen

Many people skip this step because they think that by not leaving the house, the skin is protected from the effects of the sun. In fact, UVA, UVB rays can penetrate walls, glass, curtains… Even when it’s cloudy, 90% of UV rays can still penetrate clouds and attack your skin. Therefore, if you sit and work near a place with a lot of light like a window, your face is easy to darken after a while.

When you’re at home, just choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 20-30 and don’t need waterproof ingredients. After three hours, you can apply a new layer of cream. Do not forget to remove makeup deeply with oil, cleanser … in the evening to avoid causing hidden acne.

Nhiều chị em thường bỏ qua những bước dưỡng da cơ bản khi làm việc ở nhà.

Many women often skip the basic skin care steps when they are not on the street, without makeup. Photo:  Pexels.

Overexposure to electronics (blue light)

When limiting going out during the epidemic, many people spend a lot of time in contact with computers, phones, and TVs without knowing this, which makes the skin less smooth and acne-prone. The amount of heat from the computer heats up the skin, causing the pores to expand, and the sebum is easier to stick to.

According to Chatelaine, blue light is the enemy of the skin, because it promotes oxidation, stimulates the formation of free radicals, destroys collagen and elastin structures, causes the skin to age quickly, become rough , dullness, appearance of wrinkles. Research in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2010 found that blue light increases the melanin pigment of the skin epidermis. Areas of skin exposed to a lot of computers such as the face and neck are more likely to become darker than elsewhere.

When sitting at a computer often, you should keep a distance of at least 35-40 cm from the screen to limit radiation rays, in addition to help protect the retina of the eye better. The beauty market has many types of primers, foundations, cushions… with anti-blue light ingredients.

Source: VNExpress.